Creative Sound Studio

We are an Amsterdam based Creative Sound Studio, driven by passion for narratives told through art, film and culture. Founded from the need to create culturally authentic sound for film and connect brands with generations Y & Z. We are challenging the norm and embracing experimentation, as we set the new standards for sound in visual entertainment. Because of our cultural awareness and background in different forms of creativity, we consider ourselves creatives before musicians


We believe that the most exciting part of our work is collaboration. By understanding your vision and sharing your passion, we can start with a strong foundation. Exchanging ideas and references, will ensure we are working together to bring out the most authentic sound to your story.


Similar to visual elements that define the mood, character and style of a film, music and sound are no different. We’ll work together with you to craft the sonic brand of your film. This is very important, as it will bring consistency, originality and character to your project. 


When music is produced together with sound design, there is a seamless conversation between the two. Mixing and Mastering ensure that all the sounds have space to coexist as well as blend cohesively together. These procedures are crucial in preparing the audio to meet the quality standards of the industry.